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We are 6000+ people strong. Anstar Grocery is the place for innovators, problem-solvers and executionists. If you're looking for a job that presents real-world challenges and lets you explore your potential, the infectious energy here will make you create wonders that exceed your own expectations.

Why we do it

For decades, the traditional Fresh Produce Supply Chain was highly inefficient with zero food security, until a few brave men decided to tackle the age-old problem and built a 100% traceable supply chain.

We, at Anstar Grocery, intend to improve the lives of producers, business owners, and consumers in a meaningful manner while solving one of the hardest supply chain problems our country has to offer with technology. Know more >

Our Values

  • Act like an

    We believe in inculcating the habit of ownership from day one. We encourage people to dream big and help you develop the right skillset needed to make it happen.

  • Assert your

    We believe no idea is too small. Our open floor culture encourages voicing of opinions, irrespective of where you stand in the organizational structure.

  • Exhibit bias
    for action

    Taking the initiative to fulfill your role in building a better organization is what we're all about. We recognize the importance of taking charge and going beyond what is asked.

  • Don't be afraid
    to fail

    Experience an ultimate 1 to n experience with accelerated learning while we scale. If you fail, quickly recognize your mistakes and apply your learnings in your next endeavour.

Perks of being an Anstar

  • Meet like-minded peers
  • Be a part of a startup in
    hyper-growth mode
  • Flexible timings &
    fun workplace
  • Casual dress code
  • Flat organizational
  • High potential for
    career growth

Employee Testimonials

Rajesh Kannan D
Kimani Joseph
CC Ops Head

Anstar Grocery is a wonderful place to work in, and in my past 12 years of experience I haven't had the pleasure of working in such a great company. Here there's no hierarchy, everyone is considered an equal. The unique culture and inspiring atmosphere motivates me to dream big and work towards the growth of the company.

Arun Kumar B.K
Kenneth Wanjala
Territory Sales Manager

Anstar Grocery provides enormous potential for growth, and the best part is any individual can get promoted in no time, based on his/her performance. What else does one need for personal and professional growth than work in a fast-paced growing company? I am proud to be a part of Anstar family!

Sanjay Anuse
Sakare Moses
Associate Manager

I started with onion farmer sourcing in Kiambu, and from there I travelled all across Meru for onions and learned a lot about the farming. I've now mastered the art, all thanks to Anstar Grocery. I love working here!

Ajit Sitaram Nawale
Brian Anjoji
Executive Operations

I am an Agricultural Engineer and the son of a farmer. I have always wanted to work with farmers and put a smile on their faces. Anstar Grocery provided a golden opportunity to do exactly that, and we get wonderful feedback from farmers which gives me immense job satisfaction. I'm very thankful that I get to truly be an Anstar!

James Mwaura
Senior Manager

What I like about Anstar Grocery is the open door policy backed by the risk-taking ability of the leadership team. Our growth pace is amazingly "Fast and Furious", and once you learn to catch up with the pace, the rest is assured to be a wonderful journey.

Yogesh Bhoye
Benard Otieno
CC Ops Incharge

I was very impressed with the technology Anstar Grocery uses while sourcing from farmers and delivering to retailers, and the fact that nobody else is doing this in the industry is a great feat in itself. During my experience at Anstar Grocery, I've had a great time working here and I'm thankful for this wonderful opportunity.

Veerisetti Vijay Kumar
Awoli Brighton
FC Ops Executive

Anstar Grocery gives you the freedom to express your opinions which could be implemented in framing the organization. Anyone who works here will be able to seamlessly work anywhere else. It feels great to work in an organization that strives towards the welfare of farmers. We still have a long way to go and I'm eager to witness how we get there!